Hydroplane Stepped Hulls technologies

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ScooterBoat - idroplan 4k8


Hydroplane Stepped-hulls technologies ScooterBoat is the synthesis of two concepts: the agility of a water-bike, the serviceability of a true boat… fun and commodity… performances and comfort! Its exclusive hull – idroplan 4k8 – gives exciting performances, seaworthiness, amazing evolutions, high hydrodynamic lift with constant attitude, even at low speed, an efficiency which pays attention to fuel consumptions; ScooterBoat distinguishes for structural solutions, hydrodynamics, quality of the equipments; The innovative central consolle, with “motorbike-like” seats, assures comfort to the crew and accessibility around it, an aspect just not to be disregarded on a small boat; ScooterBoat synthesizes years of research and development, design and experimentation, ScooterBoat is a “concentrate” of know-how.

idroplan 4k8 Iseo Lake test

idroplan 4k8 Iseo Lake test

idroplan 4k8 Iseo Lake test

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